No.4: Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series

I was wondering what to put as my last internet page, i was thinking maybe Eddsworld or The Lonely Island, but i decided that even though it hasn’t got a website, it’s the one that i think is the coolest. Yugioh abridged is a series that only exists on youtube and was banned for a while and you might find it hard to find all the right episodes, just look for the ones under the name of CardgamesFTW, they have taken ever episode of yugioh so far, shortened them to about 5-10 minutes, and made really good and hilarious voice overs, which you would find even more awesome if you watched the series when you were younger (like me), they have made about 50 eps so far, and a movie, some of the awesome characters include the mind-crushin’ leather pants-wearin’ Yami, the Brooklyn accented Joey (Nyeh?) or the friendship obsessed Teah, each one of them lovable in their own way… except Bakura (who is that guy?), and maybe Mokuba – who can just shut up!

Anyway check it out as it kicks the ass, and here’s a link straight to Duelist Kingdom: Kaching!

Oh and i just found out that there is a website for it when i typed it in to google so scratch all that and enjoy!


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