No.3: Fat-Pie

Okay, so this is a website i recently discovered although i’ve known about the videos for a while, i’m really into David Firth (the guy who makes the stuff on the website) ‘s stuff right now, he makes some seriously cool vids, that are sometimes greatly unnerving but also incredibly deep, they usually revolve around mental trauma or sickness although sometimes he does other stuff, his coolest videos include the truly weird Salad Fingers ( a post-apocalyptic scenario starring a strange deformed person who is weirdly lovable after getting to know him/her), spoilsbury toast boy ( probably one of the most unnerving ones, about a boy who suffers severe delusions and mental sickness), Burnt Face Man ( a more cheerful one, sort of a comedy on superheroism – just because he has a burnt face doesn’t mean he can’t fight crime!) or Jerry Jackson (an awfully animated slightly funny slightly odd take on society and youth in modern day Britain).What’s more from what i gather, he’s working on a full length feature film called The Meadow Man, which should be very cool.

So, so long as you aren’t afraid of a bit of creepyness, i’m sure youll find all the stuff on Fat-Pie incredibly interesting!

Enter the peculiar realm of David Firth: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

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