No.1: Weebls Stuff

Okay, to start off with here’s probably the first awesome website i discovered on teh internets and the one iv’e followed most fervently. basically its a team of animators who do different things, but i’m pretty sure it’s mostly weebl, they make awesome cartoons and animations and it’s usually updated at least once a week, they make series of animations such as weebls and bob (two eggs and a host of food characters and stuff who have awesome adventures mostly revolving around finding pie), cat face ( face of a cat and the body of a cat) magical trevor (magical wundermeister) and many many more.They also have a few cool minigames and a section where people can post their own vids and games, so check it out pronto as it is awesome!

here’s a flashy nicenesslink too weebl-land: BING!

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