Personal info.

So i guess i’m supposed to write a load of information about me, like how old i am, where i live and shit like that, why??? So a load of strangers who i don’t know over the internet can read about me, find me, pretend they’re a young attractive girl over the internet, meet up with me, pull me down an alleyway, and RAPE ME 13 TIMES IN THE MOUTH!!!…..or at least thats what they say will happen in the papers, so i’m pretty confident thats not gonna happen, the real reason i’m not going to write all this stuff about me is: i can’t be bothered…

So, for the sake of it, let’s just say i’m a 912 year-old vietnamese pig called Merlin, who posseses superhuman strength and enjoys roasting marshmallows and slaughtering the innocent as hobbys, get it? Laters.

2 responses to “Personal info.

  1. fred basset

    Jesus christ you are so amazing, i’m a young attractive 14 year old girl( who is definetly not a strange 40 year old man with a criminal record of sexual assaults) who just happens to live nearby, lets totally meet up and i’ll ra *cough cough* i mean get a coffee… just kidding i’m exactly the same person who made this blog, logging in as someone else and posting kind-of adoring comments so as to create a fake sense of popularity so that my blog doesnt seem so pathetic…yeah, thats kind of sad, oh well at last i have 1 visit, thats better than you non-existent person!! I wonder if i’m slightly schizophrenic….

    • Yeah, this is the same person… I just found this thing after not being on it for ages… and just in seeing this comment, as i was younger at the time you see, I think I would like to change that 14 year old bit to maybe 16 or 17 now… cool… I’m not a paedophile… I’m just young… or was rather – I mean I still am, but a bit older… you get the picture…….AAAHH CTHULHU!!!

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