My Attitude Towards Games

Hey there, me here, but you knew that… or did you? Who am I? Does it matter? Does anything matter? I digress…

I just thought I’d make a quick post to make something clear in terms of the title of this blog, of its content and me, it’s writer. As this blog is so very game-y, I don’t wan’t it to be mistaken for the product of someone who idolizes games and treats them as though they carry equal weight and importance as food, shelter, and sweet, tender lovings… What I mean to say is, I’ve been through that, Ive experienced games, been so very engrossed in them that they took up a huge part of my attention and thoughts every day. The prospect of not playing them seemed horrendous, and I used to secretly hope that one day I’d wake up and in place of boring normal animals like rabbits… and snails i’d find some pikachu, a wurmple or some other pokemon chilling outside in my garden ( no diss to either of those guys, snails are epic, ever looked at one really close up? Theyre like gelatinous alien entities).

And this went on for some time, I took my gaming very seriously, and I loved it dearly, and I’m not putting it down for what it was. It fed a large part of my imagination and inspiration and added to my growth in what was a rather colourful and carefree childhood. However.

Eventually I came to an epiphany. I realised one day, several years later. That games no longer carried the same weight as they once did. At first I thought it was the games industry, for as much as they have advanced in scale and graphics, much of their enjoyability has remained undeveloped. But I realised it wasn’t this, it was just that I had slipped out of the illusion, much like looking at a film as solely an engrossing story, or understanding it as a group of actors in a studio reading lines.

The important thing to note is, that this does not mean i cannot enjoy games, in the same way as I enjoy films. it just means that i am now conscious that each of the hours that i put into playing this programmed set of electrical responses, I could be doing something else, and at the end of it I will have gained very little.

And so, games have taken on a different role in my life, still entertaining. But i play them now from a more… passive perspective. My tastes have become more refined, and I find only a certain amount of games really make it to being quality entertainment. Many of my tastes are reciprocated by the ever witty and charming Yahtzee on his website: The Escapist.

This all came out a lot more elaborate and pessimistic than I intended. Basically, I do still love games, I love the creativity, the effort, the imagination, all of it. But Now i see them for what they truly are, not as other semi tangible realities that blend with and heavily influence the main one… you know, life.

Butr this is good, as it allows me to move forward, to still love games for what the yare, but to be able to go behind the scenes, into the inner workings, with nothing to fear…


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