Okay, sorted :P

Right, thats all clear, don’t worry about the spanish – it’s english all the way.

Got an idea of what do do this project thing on, i’m thinking about making a collective of all the random stuff i’ve found on the internet, mostly videos and  animations; sounds pretty cool right, i bet you can’t wait! So yeah, that’s all cool i reckon i’ll start with the rather prestigious Weebls Stuff ™, i would of put the trademark thing in little letters but i don’t know how to, don’t even know if you have to put it – just to be sure 😛 Get ready to get filled in on thursday….don’t think i don’t know nobody reads this…but i can dream!

Catch ya later muthalickers!

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One response to “Okay, sorted :P

  1. me again, but just to say: YEEESS! the trademark thing came out properly….badass.

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